At The Mike Stand with Rachel Bailit (Actress).



At The Mike Stand with Rachel Bailit

Award-winning Boston native Rachel Bailit (she’s taken home honors for her work as an actress/writer, not for her ability to come from Massachusetts, you know, just in case you were wondering) is a busy girl. Currently performing in her one-woman extravaganza; ‘Sugar Happens: A One-Girl Show’, in Los Angeles, the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute-trained Rachel has previously appeared opposite Teri Hatcher in ‘Desperate Housewives’, Jim Carrey in ‘The Grinch’ and Greta Scacchi in ‘Festival in Cannes’, as well as returning to her first love of theater as often as she’s allowed. You know, as often as her schedule allows, I didn’t mean that some bully in school wouldn’t let her or something. So glad that’s cleared up. Anyway, having appeared in roles as diverse as ‘Marissa’ on long-running ABC soap, ‘General Hospital’ and parts in classics such as ‘Paradise Lost’, ‘Henry V’ and ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’, Rachel, who also directed and produced a film for the Clinton-Gore re-election campaign entitled ‘Making The Difference’, is currently featured as an up-and-coming New York stage actress in the New York Resident magazine, and also pens her own column, ‘Diary of an Actress’ with the Los Angeles Independent newspaper. Rachel, welcome to ‘At The Mike Stand’.

By Mike Fitzpatrick.

What would you like your own tribute act to be called?

Cheeky Girl.

When’s the last time you laughed out loud?

Watching the movie “Smiley Face” with Anna Faris.

What act would you like to have seen perform live?

The Beatles

What team(s) do you support?

The Boston Red Sox.

What period in history would you most like to have visited?

1700’s France before the French Revolution.

What song would you most like to have written?

“Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”.

Who or what, would make you leave a room?

Pretentious people and cigarette smoke.

What decade rules (and why)?

The 60’s! Free love. Need I say more?

What cover version do you most enjoy performing?

“Big Spender”. My lounge-singer character in my one-woman show loves shaking her hips to the song.

What movie role would you like to have played?

Roslyn Taber in “The Misfits”.

Have you ever been told you looked like somebody?

Patti Smith.

What’s the first album you remember buying?

‘Emotional Rescue’ by The Rolling Stones.

Who’s your favorite Beatle?


What’s your favorite Christmas song?

The Peanuts Christmas song by Vince Guaraldi.

Who’s the most rock and roll person who ever lived?

Mick Jagger.

What artist/song/genre do you secretly enjoy listening to?

Britney Spears.

Who would you most like to meet/have met?

Marilyn Monroe.

What book can you read again and again?

‘Illusions’ by Richard Bach.

What’s the greatest album ever recorded?

James Taylor’s ‘Greatest Hits’.

What artists would you most like to have played with in the band of your dreams (supergroup)?

Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Benny Goodman, Thelonious Monk, Mick Jagger, Louis Armstrong and Brigitte Bardot.

What do few people know about you?

I always imagined that I would be a politician one day.

What sitcom character can you most identify with?

Hannah Montana and her double lives.

What movie can you watch over and over again?


Who’s your favorite cartoon character?

Jessica Rabbit.

What’s the greatest place you’ve visited?


What’s mankind’s most wonderful invention?

The airplane.

What’s mankind’s most irritating invention?

Toxic chemicals.

Who’s the funniest person who ever lived?

Lucille Ball.

Who’s your favorite namesake?

Rachel from the Bible.



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