At The Mike Stand with Colin Devlin (Singer/Songwriter).

At The Mike Stand With Colin Devlin
So, there we were minding our own business, when who should happen to be drop by The Mike Stand, but Colin Devlin. The County Down-born singer/songwriter, has been a busy chap of late it would seem. You see Colin, the lead singer with acclaimed act, The Devlins has a new solo album, ‘Democracy of One’ due out soon (though it’s currently available to download on iTunes), and ‘Refuge’, a track from the album, has already been chosen as the featured song on the hit A&E series, ‘The Cleaner’, starring Benjamin Bratt. Having already toured with artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, Sheryl Crow and R.E.M., The Devlins, and indeed Colin himself, have amassed quite a following, due also to the popularity of their songs ‘Waiting’ and ‘World Outside’ which were used  in hit HBO show ‘Six Feet Under’ and 2004 drama ‘Closer’ respectively. Later this year Colin will play the Electric Picnic and the Sugar Club in Ireland, followed by some London dates, though in the meantime look out for an East Coast tour in the fall. Colin, welcome to pages of The Irish Examiner.

Who would be in your supergroup?Let me see, Pete Townshend, David Sylvian, two of the members of Kraftwerk, and we’d have to have Keith Moon on drums. When’s the last time you laughed out loud?Probably after our last show on Saturday night, so, quite recently! What act would you like to have seen perform live?I’d love to have seen Jimi Hendrix play live, that’d have been amazing, or Van Morrison, during the Astral Weeks phase. What team(s) do you support?I love watching the Irish (soccer) national team. I was at the Ireland versus Norway game in the ‘94 World Cup in New York, at Giants Stadium. The band were on tour and I think we flew in from L.A. for it. It was 0-0, what a crap game!What period in history would you most like to have visited?You know, living in L.A., it got me thinking. I’d love to have lived here in the 1930s, during the ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood. It must have been amazing here, to have been a successful actor back then, it must have been like you were royalty. Who or what, would make you leave a room?Very loud people that have no idea what they’re talking about. What cover version do you most enjoy performing?I do an acoustic version of Brian Ferry’s ‘Slave to Love’. I once saw (jazz vocalist) Little Jimmy Scott perform it at Vicar Street in Dublin, and it was amazing, so my version is more Little Jimmy Scott than Brian Ferry. What movie role would you like to have played?I think we’d all like to have played James Bond, wouldn’t we?Have you ever been told you looked like somebody?I was quite pleased when someone told me I looked like a young Leonardo DiCaprio. That was a very long time ago though, make sure you put it in that it was a long time ago!What’s the first album you remember buying?It was ‘Man, Machine and Music’ by Kraftwerk. I remember it blowing my mind, at the age of twelve!Who’s your favorite Beatle?Oh, it’s got to be John. What’s your favorite Christmas song?‘O Holy Night’. Who’s the most rock and roll person who ever lived?Howard Hughes, he was pretty rock and roll, wasn’t he? What artist/song/genre do you secretly enjoy listening to?I’m a big A-Ha fan. That’s probably something you wouldn’t really tell people. What book can you read again and again?‘Modern Ireland 1600-1972’, by R.M. Foster. It’s all the stuff we were kind of force-fed in school, but it’s incredible. It’s a tough read, it’s not exactly ‘Family Guy’!What’s your favorite album?Probably ‘Secrets of the Beehive’ by David Sylvian, though that’s such a fey answer! My favorite album for a long time was Prefab Sprout’s ‘Steve McQueen’, such a great record. Actually, scrap that, The Blue Nile’s ‘Hats’, such a great record. What sitcom character can you most identify with?I’m a huge ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ fan, so probably (that show’s) Larry. I met Larry David once at a restaurant in Santa Monica. It was a beautiful bar overlooking the ocean, and he looked as if he was filming an episode, you know, same clothes, walk and mannerisms. I was convinced there was a hidden camera somewhere. What movie can you watch over and over again?‘The Third Man’ is my favorite movie. We did a gig in Vienna, (where the film’s based) a few years ago, and I just booked the gig because I wanted to go on ‘The Third Man’ tour to be honest, which we didn’t get to do in the end. Who’s your favorite cartoon character?Probably the guy from ‘Family Guy’, what’s his name, Peter?What’s the greatest place you’ve visited?Cambodia probably. I went there a long, long time ago. It was an amazing culture shock. To see the sunrise in Cambodia, it was incredible. Then when I was sixteen I worked on the missions for six weeks in Africa, as part of a school project. I went to Blackrock College, and we were to experience all sides of life in Africa, you know, one day working in a shanty town, the next visiting the ambassador’s home. It really changed the way that I see life, the whole thing about not taking anything for granted, and being grateful for what you have. What actor would play you in a movie about your life?Probably a very young Leonardo DiCaprio!What’s your tipple?Stella Artois.What’s mankind’s most wonderful invention?It’s a boring answer, but probably, my MacBook pro. What’s mankind’s most irritating invention?Again, the MacBook pro!


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