At The Mike Stand with Joe Whyte (Singer/Songwriter)

At The Mike Stand With Joe Whyte

You know, there are times when we introduce a chap who plays the saxophone, or writes poems, or perhaps, invented the hula-hoop, see, they’re the ones who are rather easy for us to describe. Then there’s the likes of this week’s ‘Standee’, Joe Whyte. See, Mr. Whyte is one of those singer/songwriter/guitarist/composter-type chaps, whose distinct sound belongs in no one particular category. Dubbed by one online music source (Twangnation) as ‘The King of NYC Americana’, the NYC-based roots/folk/bluegrass/rock (we’d mention more of his preferred genres but we’re low on backslashes you see) artist is currently preparing to release his latest recording, ‘When The Day Breaks’, a stripped-back acoustic follow-up to his critically-acclaimed full-band album, ‘Devil In The Details’. Having played two dates at the CMA Festival in Nashville last year, opening for Roseanne Cash in Connecticut, and appearing alongside Josh Ritter, Glen Hansard and dozens of other acts, Joe is one of those guys you could well be hearing a lot about in the future. In fact, you will, because we know where most of you live, and we’ll be dropping round to make sure you’ve been paying attention, just make sure the kettle’s on. Joe’s upcoming gigs feature appearances at New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall on June 7th, and a show at the Bitter End’s New York Songwriters’ Circle on July 12th. Joe, welcome to ‘At The Mike Stand’.

By Mike Fitzpatrick

Photo By Debra Reschoff-Ahearn

What would you like your own tribute act to be called?
Whyteboy Joe.

When’s the last time you laughed out loud?
This morning. My 3 year old son does or says something every day that absolutely cracks me up.

What act would you like to have seen perform live?
The Beatles and/or The Band.

What team(s) do you support?
Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, NY Giants, Liverpool FC.

What period in history would you most like to have visited?
The Wild West of the late 1800s looks like it would have been pretty interesting.

What song would you most like to have written?
‘Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground’ by Willie Nelson.

Who or what, would make you leave a room?
Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, people who think they know everything.

What decade rules (and why)?
This one. It’s only just started, but so far, so good.

What cover version do you most enjoy performing?
‘Bad Moon Rising’ (CCR) or ‘Long Way Home’ (Tom Waits).

What movie role would you like to have played?
Ron Burgundy (played by Will Ferrell in ‘Anchorman’).

Have you ever been told you looked like somebody?
Within a 24-hour period I was told I looked like the late pitchman Billy Mays and then Zac Efron. Figure that one out!

What’s the first album you remember buying?
Motley Crue’s ‘Too Fast For Love’. Come on, it was the 80’s.

Who’s your favorite Beatle?

What’s your favorite Christmas song?
‘Fairytale of New York’.

Who’s the most rock and roll person who ever lived?
Either Keith Richards or Shane MacGowan.

What artist/song/genre do you secretly enjoy listening to?
Ol’ Dirty Bastard. His first album is one of the best rap records ever made.

Who would you most like to meet/have met?
Meet – Kris Kristofferson, Neil Finn, Dave Grohl, President Obama. Have met – My grandfather, Johnny Cash.

What book can you read again and again?
Well, the only one I’ve ever read more than once is ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’.

What’s the greatest album ever recorded?
How much time do we have??  ‘The Last Waltz’(The Band), ‘Achtung Baby’ (U2), ‘Born To Run’ (Springsteen), ‘The Essential Johnny Cash’, ‘Blood On The
Tracks’ (Dylan), ‘Astral Weeks’ (Van Morrison). I could be here all day on this one and not even scratch the surface.

What artists would you most like to have played with in the band of your dreams?
Levon Helm, Bruce Springsteen, Steve Earle, Neil Finn, Thom Yorke, Dave Grohl, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Lyle Lovett…It would be a HUGE band.

What do few people know about you?

I am an Eagle Scout and weighed close to 200 lbs when I was in high school.

What sitcom character can you most identify with?
Peter Griffin.

What movie can you watch over and over again?
Star Wars, Spinal Tap, Caddyshack.

Who’s your favorite cartoon character?
Peter Griffin.

What’s the greatest place you’ve visited?
For pure relaxation, Jamaica. For sheer wonder, Bangkok.

What’s mankind’s most wonderful invention?

What’s mankind’s most irritating invention?
The Tea Party movement.

Who’s the funniest person who ever lived?
Besides myself? Hmmm, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Chris Rock were no slouches.

Who’s your favorite namesake?
I’d have to say the song, ‘Hey Joe’.



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